Everything we need to know about Avatar II

In 2009, “Avatar” really conquered the world. For months, all you could hear was unparalleled scale, incredible animation, and an epic immersive fantasy experience, and for good reason, it seemed revolutionary at the time. However, more than ten years have passed, and director James Cameron has been constantly talking about sequels (yes, all four) since the end of Avatar 2 production in November 2019.

While we’re all getting ready to head back to Pandora for the next part, here’s everything you can expect to see in Avatar 2.

What is the release date of “Avatar 2”?
The film will be released in theaters on December 22, 2022.

Why did it take so long?

Anyone who has followed the production knows that the sequel to the 2009 epic was, to put it mildly, difficult.

In 2006, Cameron said he intended to create a franchise around the film if it was successful, and billion after confirmed he was working on sequels in 2010.

However, there have been several twists and turns and setbacks along the way since then. At one time, the film was supposed to be released in December 2014, and since then several different release dates have been set, but they have been constantly delayed.

Much of this was related to production difficulties, as well as the expansion of the franchise. It was originally planned to be a trilogy, but two more films were added to the schedule, bringing the total number of films to five. That is, Cameron insisted that he wanted to complete the planning and writing of each part of the franchise, and now that the story of Avatar 5 has finally been completed, the production of the second episode could begin.

Where will he become?

The film was shot in New Zealand, but it was very expensive. The film studios had to incur expenses of more than million and agreed to organize the world premiere in Wellington, New Zealand, in accordance with government requirements.

What is the name of Avatar 2?

The long-awaited sequel has finally been dubbed “Avatar: the Water Path”, 13 years after the premiere of the first film at the CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

When can we expect the first official trailer for Avatar 2?

The trailer was finally shown at the CinemaCon in Las Vegas, where viewers were given 3D glasses for a clip that contained almost no dialogues and saw viewers immersed in different regions of the world.

The footage also showed how the local Na’VI tribe interacted with various species of cetacean and pelicans, some of which flew across the screen and hit the faces of viewers using 3D technology.

Cameron appeared in a pre-recorded video to tell viewers that the sequel is “designed for the biggest screen and the most immersive 3D available,” adding that it “intends to test the limits of what film can do.”

The trailer for Avatar: The Water Path will be released in theaters ahead of Marvel’s Doctor Strange movie in the Multiverse Madness on May 6, 2022.

In addition, all that has been shown to us so far is the image of a new character named Miles Socorro, aka Spider, played by Jack champion. He is the human son of Jake and Neytiri. Born on a military base on Pandora, he was too small to return to Earth, so Jake and Neytiri raised him in a bioluminescent jungle.

Who’s in Avatar 2?

Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldanya, who played Jake Sally and Neytiri in the first film, will return for a sequel. Sigourney Weaver is also about to take part in the new film, despite conflicting reports from Cameron and Weaver. Cameron had previously assumed that Grace Augustine (Weaver) would return to the movies despite her passed away, but in 2015 Weaver insisted that she get involved, but as a new character.

Cameron also confirmed that Stephen Lang (Colonel Miles Quorich) would also be in the film, despite the passed away of his character. It’s all very confusing, but hey, everything in this movie is like that.

What else do we know about this plot?

So far, Cameron has been rather cautious about the plot of the film, despite telling everything about it elsewhere. He confirmed that people would be acting as antagonists again and that the film would focus more on Pandora’s oceans and rainforests. Other Polyphemus satellites will be explored in the next releases.

Producer John Landau has stated that one of the central themes of “Avatar 2” is family. “If you look at what Jim does in his films, he writes about universal themes that are more than the genre of any film,” he told Empire in December 2021.

“This time we took Jake and Neytiri and created around them the most versatile theme possible. It’s the family. Jake is from the human world, Neytiri is from the Na’VI world. So they’re like a Moderna mixed-race couple raising kids who may feel like they don’t belong in either world.

He also said about the new Spider character: “Jake took him to his house, but Neytiri always saw in him one of the people who finished his house and finished his father; so you have this whole dynamic.”

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