A documentary on not a tame lion

The figure of John Boswell in history, unfortunately, is not very well known. This is a different type of hero, there are many contradictions in his own life, which, perhaps, can make people doubt him and his plans.

But even a domesticated lion isn’t strong enough to make you change your mind about it. The documentary is informative, but shot with such a big heart that you can’t help but jump on the bandwagon of Boswell’s impressive legacy. This is a person who was interested in changing the perception of Christianity regarding the acceptance of LGBT people. He has done much more, and the film is a very detailed document of the scope of his work.

And yet “work” seems like a very square word when we look at the Boswell effect. Unfortunately, this is an effect that not many people know about. And this is because we rarely associate the principles of religion with a turn that seems to obliterate conservative forms. We cannot say that a solid foundation deserves to be finished, but the expansion of opportunities is inevitable, and John Boswell is a fantastic player in this game.

“The Untamed Lion” tells about the life of a very complex man, whose views inevitably put him in the first place in a struggle that was simply more relevant than it seemed at first glance. His presence in the world of medieval history and linguistics is too great to ignore. But what he did next was an admirable feat at a time when prejudice seemed to have taken over the world and AIDS was considered a health-issue affecting only the LGBT community.

Boswell was a key player in giving society the middle finger. Even if he didn’t think it was necessary, the history expert’s argument about marriage equality was valid. The evidence was obtained as a result of access to the Vatican archives, which few possessed, and Boswell used them to reveal much more than the actual authorities knew.

Boswell’s statement is very, very important. But the film also takes its time exploring the legend’s life. It is here that “The Untamed Lion” becomes not just an informational documentary. Thanks to the feedback from friends and colleagues, we found out who the person behind the books was. Love, pride and human values are part of a complex ecosystem that combined Boswell’s religious views with a groundbreaking message about Christianity. I am very sad that there are not enough people who would add Boswell’s views to the current discourse of human rights.

At the end of the film, its director asks himself the most important question of all, and that is how to pay homage to Boswell and his legacy. Maybe it’s unnecessary, but the Non-domesticated lion seems to be the best work about man and his legendary message about the connection between two very distant poles.

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