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It’s no secret that the general public is able to be sensitive to important events if they are not used on social media. It’s a damn shame if you ask me that people can “organize” problems, trends and overlook the very big picture of empathy that they have to experience when humanity is faced with a struggle. I miss the point a little, but Michael Mankowski’s charming short film “Back Home” has caused a sensation. It is a short film in which humor is used to better understand his subject, and he manages to achieve empathy in the most elementary (and most important) way: one that is suitable for each member of the family.

But returning home is not the main thing. The format of advertising, which is of public interest, is just that. Format. An additional function for a message full of sincerity and truth. Of course, familiar voices help the film become more popular and gain wide acceptance, but Mankowski’s mission is inherent and untouched. When you come home, you look at yourself and wonder if you are doing your best for others. All kinds of course.

The short film “Back Home” is told from the perspective of animals that had to leave when the forest fires started in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo in Alberta, Canada, in 2016. Using an animation format, the film tells several testimonies of animals that survived and lived to tell how their land was burned. It is also an excellent portrait of heroes who helped the forest inhabitants escape. This sounds like an innocent version of a huge environmental disaster, but Back Home Again is far from a purified version of the message that we should take into account.

Mankovsky is behind the camera, together with an excellent producer, he gathers a team of singers, animators and musicians to create a very pleasant and effective film that all family members can enjoy. I can not say that it is aimed exclusively at this, but it is the most important goal for such a film. Yes, young viewers are most likely to be exposed to the toxic style of social media and the reaction of the population to these events. Films like “Back Home” do not correspond to this level, but all this helps to action a real action. Truth versus lie, even in animated forms.

With his great voice (this is really impressive), Back Home Again feels like a breath of fresh air in times when information and communication for business purposes (and more likes) can be distorted sufficiently!). This is enough to send an important message about ecology and empathy in times of natural disasters. The next time you feel that children (and why not) should know better what is happening around them, take films like “Back home” as examples of how to tell fascinating stories, even knowing that they are not real. Sometimes animated characters are more attractive than real ones, and you can find proof of this in Mankowski’s very sharp film.

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