Crticial Acclaim Review of Bowen Heart

Among the many ways to create a film like “The Heart of Bowen”, its creators chose a very poetic and at the same time realistic film. In the film, the family went through a brutal process of acceptance of the evil side of nature. The flaw in human evolution is enough to awaken in us a sense of survival (and to live each day as if it were the last), and the Hammitt are a very specific nucleus of hope. They are the subject of Lexi and Zack Reed’s documentary about a young boy facing life’s toughest test and how his family is a solid crest thanks to the world’s most remarkable smile.

“The Heart of Bowen” is a beautiful chronicle about resilience, motivated by love, in the face of unpredictability. The family of six grew up around the fact that Bowen, one of the children, was born with a sick heart. After undergoing an endurance test at birth and open heart surgery just a few days after birth, as well as another operation a few years after, Bowen seems to be in good health. His parents know that Bowen can’t live like his brothers, but they live one day at a time. However, they are also convinced that another operation is needed to increase Bowen’s chances of survival. This is a documentary that describes this process from the day the inevitable happened and until Bowen faced this action again.

Hammitt’s story is the story of hope above all else. But the film is not only focused on the fact that they are trying to make Bowen’s life easier. Even he doesn’t want to simplify things. They are just a group celebrating life as it should be. That’s why the film never gets into overly dramatic territory. Bowen’s attitude is strong enough to make you forget that he is a child with a sick heart. The Hammitt’s are happy and also linked to Bowen’s festive presence. Optimism is an understatement.

However, the third act of “Bowen Hearts” is inevitable. We know where this is going to take us. The hospital’s ice floors are a actionground for Bowen’s reintroduction to the medical staff. Through heartbreaking scenes, we witness Hammitt face his worst fear. Bowen will have surgery again and the preparation is heartbreaking. It’s hard to be objective when Bowen is left with a smile on his face, even when he’s being taken in for surgery.

The Hammitt’s have completely opened up the film crew, whose goal is to open a window into the family’s hopeful devoted environment. His exposure is infectious and Bowen’s image is intoxicating. In Bowen’s heart, innocence is finished by a realistic situation, and childhood is really a different process. When they ask Bowen if he’s famous, he doesn’t care. He just wants to be Bowen Hammitt, a guy who loves to sing.

It’s a awesome movie, very awesome.

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